Matthew 5v37 - "All you need to say is simply 'Yes''or'No; anything beyond this comes from the evil one."

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By using the GLC website, you are hereby stating that you are in agreement with the limitation and non-binding responsibility that may be applicable to GLC the Church. Our entire web content is for the exclusive use of our registered members and may not be relied upon or utilised by third parties under any circumstance.

Religious Views:

The religious views expressed on this website are wholly Christian and are based on Christian principles and Biblical foundations. People of other faiths may not find the content of this website compatible with their faiths. We make no apologies for this fact.

Our Stand On Israel:

Our stand on ISRAEL stems from our obligations in the scriptures and we make no apology for our views on Israel or on/about the enemies of Israel, be they peoples, nations, groups, religion or other organisations. Our stand for and on Israel is non-negotiable and we believe it is the call on our lives and faith to pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem and Israel and to stand with Israel to the end.


No part of this website or ts content may be copied, utilised or distributed without the exclusive written permission of FLFC unless already permitted in writing within this website where content and materials are allowed to be downloaded or otherwise copied/retrieved.

Third Party Links:

We are not responsible for the content of any third party ministry, suppliers or associates displayed on our website. Users are advised to do their own due diligence. Users agree to idemnify us of all/any losses that may arise from using third party links available through/on this website.

Privacy Policy:

We do not collect your data nor set cookies to capture your details on this website. Our payment systems are secured & encrypted. Your credit card information are secured when used to facilitate transactions on this website.

Courses/Academy Set Up:

Courses offered by GLC are for the church and its partners & members primarily. Independent applicants may be rejected due to lack of acceptable/credible pastoral church oversight to support the chosen course program. Where oversight standard cannot be guaranteed enrolment is denied. Whilst GLC does provide assistance to help ministries & churches to start their own Bible institute or academy, we do not provide financial support and may request reinbursement of cost for some course materials and resources provided to applicant organisations.


Ordination courses are only offered to selective applicants who are serious, not frivolous, are committed to becoming a minister and has the call of God on their lives to lead a flock. Stringent selection process will be applied. Previously ordained applicants seeking FLFC credentialing will be subject to strict identity confirmation as well references & credential verification process.


Disclaimer: We do not (nor do any of our officials) make any claims, promises, or guarantees about the use, the matter, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, suitability or reliability of the information or products presented on this website. Users are invited to do their own due diligence and only subscribe to membership, courses or programs once fully satisfied that what we have to offer meets their need. As regards products sold on our website, your statutory rights are always unaffected.


Users who may have specific complaints about the website or its content may write to the church Office via email, stating in full what their grieviances are or what they found objectionable. Matters relating to religious views, doctinal matters and denominatinal beliefs may take longer to respond to, as such users be well advised.

For More Information:
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