About Greater Life Church

We are the UNITED body of Christ, standing together, standing strong, under God, taking territories from the enemy, and spreading the GOSPEL of Salvation through Jesus Christ! Together we are formidabe! Halleluyah!

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The Greater Life Church is a warm and friendly relevant church, founded on the foundation of the LOVE of CHRIST. As Christ's Ambassadors, we promote Righteousness, Justice, Love & Truth. We walk by faith and not by sight. We are a non-denominational relevant church. We are a church without walls meeting at homes, venues and online.

The Greater Life Church is the WORD, PRAISE & WORSHIP department of JHM GLOBAL-SCOTLAND, a registered charity.

We are Spirit led & Spirit filled. We fellowship as one big family. We are family centred, loving, caring and a people minded church. We are a mission minded church. We are a Pentecostal, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, vibrant and all inclusive Christian church. We embrace and welcome all God�s people regardless of their colour, ethnicity, background, ability or disability. We welcome refugees and asylum seekers to our church. We particularly go out of our way to embrace and include people who have physical or mobility challenges and we are intentionally sensitive to their welfare and prayer needs.


We began as a family house church in and around the Easter of 2006 and have maintained our devotion to the Lord all those years until now. We value intimacy with Christ and seek to maintain that consciousness in all areas of our fellowship, ministries and mission life


For us church is about helping to build up and promote people for God, not for self promotion. We raise them up in Christ Jesus and strengthen them so that they can be: SET FREE, DISCIPLED, SERVE & LIVE THE BLESSED LIFE! We focus on uprooting & tearing down all the bad roots of: Pain, rejection, loneliness, bitterness, pride, intolerance, irritability, sickness, fear, Anger, lack of reverence & the use of poor language. We instead embrace with determination the new roots of: LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.


We are a Spirit filled, Bible believing Hebrews 11, Joel 2 & Acts 2 church. We are a WORD centered and WORD affirming church. We are not religious or dogmatic. We are a fresh, forward looking and a relevant church. We enthusiastically and passionately preach Jesus who was crucified, ressurected and lifted high. We are a prayer focused and healing believing church. In God we trust!


We have a heart for the broken, hurting and alienated. We minister to those who are hungry for God's compassionate love. Our church operates with open arms and open hearts for longing souls seeking a family and fellowship in an ever alienating world. This includes, the elderly, health challenged, foreigners & others who feel discarded, un-noticed or lonely. You can be sure that you have a home with us at Faith Life Family Church. We serve with the love of Christ in a broken world.


We are a mission minded church that encourages everyone in our fellowship to be involved in missions work within the local and international community by caring, reaching out and touching lives and by being determined to make a difference in this world. Every church family member is encouraged to have their own individual or collective mission agenda to which they are committed relentlessly.


Our worship is a collective and active conversation of praise between us and our maker. Our worship encompases rich, moving and eclectic sounds. We keep a party mindsight in our praise and worship sessions. A sound of faith to inspire & encourage people as we bring all our praise to our loving God. It is a joy for us to hold small music gatherings and concerts regularly where you are welcomed to come as you are to be touched by Gods grace.


1. We are called to carry out the great commission of saving souls & touching lives for God.
2. We are called to evangelise all nations & peoples.
3. We are encourage and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.
4. We take a strong stand against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and seek to eradicate it within the church & in the wider world.
5. We train and release missionaries for the nations.
6. We present a relevant Jesus that is approachable and loving.> 7. we Stand on our faith & belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.
8. We develop a strong prayer chain & partnership within the body of Christ.
9. We develop educational programs that assists members to train leaders, missionaries and ministers who have a heart for saving souls and caring for the people of God.
10. We grant Spiritual covering to churches, pastors, ministers & leaders who join this network.
11. We reject organized religion at all levels within the body of Christ.
12. We work in partnership with one another within the network to strengthen churches and groups who are most vulnerable & under religious attack or persecution.
14. We submit to God, submit to Elders who oversee us & we submit to Biblical truth.
15. We prepare the Saints & the nations for the 2nd coming of Christ.
16. We are called for stand up for the nation of Israel.

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